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So, NCIS-New Orleans is booting one of it's few female characters. Brody, who is an original cast member, will not be returning for the next season. The justification was that she was compromised by sleeping with the Homeland Security guy who turned out to be a traitor (Honestly, did anyone not see that one coming?). I call a foul on that. If that were the case, Ziva should have been fired from NCIS; not only did she sleep with a guy who killed an ICE agent, she hid him in her apartment, knowing multiple federal agencies were hunting for him.

I fear it's just another case of let's cull some of these extra chicks from the show. Criminal Minds tried this one several years ago, with disastrous effects. They fired Paget Brewster and AJ Cook (replacing Cook with an actress who could easily have passed for Cook's younger sister was a despicable slap in the face.) The fan indignation caused them to re-hire Cook and, when they couldn't lure Brewster hack, exercised a clause in her contract and claimed she owed them another year. She came back, hated it and left as soon as she could clear the door. (she has since made several guest appearances and will make several more this upcoming season.)

This genre is seriously devoid of female agents. We need MORE women on these shows, dammit, not less! In a year when America has finally caught up with most of the rest of the world (Britain is working on its second female PM), should we really be getting rid of women who kick ass?


I always get mighty suspicious when a network floods my airwaves with promos for upcoming series. Therefore, I have serious doubts about both Michael Weatherly's Dr. Bull and the MacGyver reboot. CBS has promos running constantly all hours of the day and night- daytime, primetime, local programming- you name it, there's a promo there. I don't know if they are trying to convince me or themselves.
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