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Jul. 28th, 2017 10:52 am
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[community profile] stargateficrec is now on DW, turning active in August.

The admin announcement is here.

Signups for next month are here.

Hope to see you all there. :)

Stargateficrec is moving to DW

Jul. 27th, 2017 06:00 pm
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The admin announcement is here.

Signups for next month are here.

If you're pleased to see [community profile] stargateficrec making the move to DW, I hope you'll sign up to rec. It would be lovely to see the comm getting more active at this new platform.
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Finally got around to see Spider-Man: Homecoming yesterday - my cinema-going tends to be Mondays and Tuesdays, because the local cinema has a money-off scheme those days, even if it means I often end up in almost-empty screens in the middle of the day. Desperately hoping at the moment that Atomic Blonde is still going to be showing when I get back, as it opens this weekend and I'm going away.

Anyway, back to your friendly neighbourhood wallcrawler. I'd gone into this movie knowing that it wasn't yet another origin story (yay for that, because who doesn't know how Spider-Man got his powers by now?) but also concerned at the amount of RDJ the posters and trailers suggested. Anyway, in general terms I enjoyed it and it just about managed not to be an Iron Man movie instead, but it was close at times.

One of the things I really liked was that the main villain character was wearing an outfit that was clearly a reference to the costume he wears in the comics I remember reading when I was a teenager. Is it ironic that Michael Keaton has gone from being Batman to a supervillain and actually does the latter much more convincingly? Not that Batman isn't mostly just one or two steps away from that anyway, I guess...

We also almost got high school aged actors playing high school students - this is Hollywood high school, so they were 20-21 (except for one actress who's 27 and pretty much looks it imho). I always think it's funny because, through the fencing club, I spend a bit of time with teenage lads in particular and the vast majority do not look anything like Hollywood high school.

I think it also makes it comfortably into my MCU top 5 (pending, of course, the arrival of Black Panther next year):

1. Captain America: Winter Soldier
2. Iron Man 3
3. Captain America: The First Avenger
4. Spider-Man: Homecoming
5. Thor

So, how about you folks? Anyone else seen it? What's your MCU top 5?
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I never mention RL issues here, but...


What an amazing, incredible blessing this is. My new granddaughter is beautiful. My daughter is a trooper. My son-in-law is utterly besotted. Quite frankly, so am I. :D

We now return you to your regularly scheduled SG-1 fannishness.

On a much tastier note...

Jul. 24th, 2017 05:46 pm
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My brain is dangerous.  Well, at least for my weight.  :-p  I was enjoying a bit of feta cheese with some crackers earlier and the thought occurred to me that a red onion, egg and feta cheese tart would be very tasty.  Especially if I added just a smidge of nutmeg to the red onions while I was caramelizing them before putting them into the tart shell and pouring the eggs over them.  The crumbled feta cheese with chopped walnuts would go on top before baking, and then a balsamic vinegar and honey glazed would be dribbled over the top before serving with a nice glass of Malbec or Beuajolais and a side salad of field greens and arugula with a light oil and red wine vinegar dressing.  

Yeah, like I said, my brain is a dangerous thing.

Edited to add: or maybe I should make the crust with whole wheat flour and walnut meal?  That actually sounds better.

*adds ingredients to grocery list*

Are You Kidding?

Jul. 24th, 2017 10:44 am
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This has to be one of the funniest/strangest/stupidest things I've read in a while...and that's saying something.  Someone wants to know if they can take a cup of coffee on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (a roller coaster) in Magic Kingdom.  Just...I've got no words for that.  Sure it's a pretty gentle roller coaster as far as roller coasters go but.....


Jul. 24th, 2017 08:47 am
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The last time I downloaded/watched/screencapped Saving Hope with episode 9 (episode 16 just aired).  I was toying with the idea of downloading 10-16 and starting to play catch up tonight.  But...there's only 2 more episodes to air for the season/series.  So, maybe I should just wait for those two episodes to air and just do it all at once.

In the past I'd done it episode by episode but that changed when I got my new laptop.  When I went to download and install the software I've been using for the downloading, all the security software practically had a stroke and started popping up messages that I'd have to disable stuff, yadda, yadda.  Um...yeah...I'm not going to do that.  I just stuck to using my old laptop to do it but that's a bit of a pain.  Since I'm not using it regularly, it always has something (most often Norton) that has to update RIGHT NOW! when I turn it on which is why I've been putting off downloading the episodes.  I just don't want to deal with that.

So, back to the crux of my I get the 7 episodes tonight or just wait 2 weeks and get the remaining 9 all at the same time?
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Like most folks these days, I periodically go through and delete all of the cookies, browser history and cached temporary internet crap on my computer.  I have done so for decades, just to keep all of the crap from bogging down my processor.  Now, imagine my surprise when the cookies and tracking databases kept cropping back up after deleting them using the commands in the browser's preferences, even when I haven't visited the sites they're from in days.  Okay, not a problem, I quit the browser, went to the specific location folders on my hard drive and deleted all of the crap manually, then restarted my computer.

Nope, that didn't work either, the cookies and database trackers kept showing up in the browser, no matter how many times I deleted them using the commands in the browser preferences, but they're not showing up in the computer's system folders.  What the ever loving...?!?!  So, I did a search and found out that this is now a common problem and it doesn't matter if you're using a Microsoft OS or an Apple OS.  I don't know if the problem extends back to older web browsers, or if it's just the newly updated ones, but I'd really like to know.  

So, I did another web search and researched specifically how to get rid of cookies and trackers on an Apple running the most recent updates, just in case.  Okay, I had already done most of that, but figured I'd do it again with the thing I didn't think of.  I did everything as directed then shut down my computer (again) and even completely unplugged my modem/router for a half hour to make sure that the IP address would reset (my ISP uses dynamic IPs).  I reconnected the modem and let it do its thing, fired up the computer, brought up the browser...and the cookies/database trackers are still there.  They're not showing up in the system folders from which I deleted them, but they're still in the browser.  Seriously, what the ever loving, bloody blue blazing FUCK is going on?!

Lastly, I put a call in to Apple's tech support and the supervisor I spoke with doesn't have a clue either (the regular tech sure as hells didn't), so he's sending a ticket to the software engineers to see what they can do to fix the problem.  He's supposed to call me back Wednesday and I'll make a post then to update.

*is a seriously unhappy camper* 

UPDATE: I wound up uninstalling and deleting Adobe Flash Player and going through and manually deleting every file associated with it in Library/Preferences/Macromedia, including the Flash folder.  I also went into Library and deleted everything in the Cookies folder, then went into Library/Safari and deleted everything in the Database and Local Storage folders.  I left all of the main folders, except for the above stated Flash folder.  That seems to have worked and my laptop hasn't blown up yet, so I'll see if this works.  

The browser is supposed to be able to clear all of that crap, but it fails miserably and the add blocking and virus software seem to ignore database tracking and cookies.  I guess going in and doing all of this manually is going to have to be a regular thing if I want to keep that crap off of my computer.  >:-(  I also will definitely be letting the tech support supervisor know what I think of their software browser not clearing that crap like it is supposed to do.

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So Sean Spicer's resigned (we all knew it was coming), Sessions discussed the Trump campaign and policy issues with Kisylak in 2016, and Trump looks like he's revving up to fire Mueller and Sessions and then pardon himself and his family for everything they've done ever.

And all I can focus on is this story that Sean Spicer stole a mini-fridge from junior White House staffers.


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