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No, I'm not talking about me and my entry for alphabet soup! Although I did fall into the hellish abyss of Fig's Fanon vs. Canon whilst researching just how old is Sam in 1969. (Believe me when I tell you the answers to that questions are frustratingly varied.)

No, of what I speak are those alleged professionals, those who are paid to write for that vast wasteland that is television. Why must these writers return again and again to the well of that-worked-for-us-in-the-past? (And yes, Downton Abbey I'm talking about you!)

Last night's Criminal Minds was literally the straw that broke my muse's back when we are dramatically treated to Kate's niece falling prey to an online stalker/predator/you pick the crime. She narrowly escapes without anyone but the unsub being any the wiser.

Why this bothers me is that this is the fourth (I will explain number 3) child of one of the BAU to be victimized.

Jack Hotchner was held by the villainously wicked unsub who slaughtered Haley Hotchner while Jack ran and hid at Hotch's orders. This is a kid who badly needs some serious counseling; I just wish the show would at least mention this, even if it's an offhand, "Jack and I have an afternoon appointment with Dr. Whatsit." Spencer could, I'm sure, recommend one of his therapists......I'm just saying.......

Henry was held by murderous bank robbers. This is one of the episodes I refuse to rewatch. Trust me, there are plot holes through which you could fly a Goa'uld mother ship.

I argue that three was Dylan, the child to which Prentiss may not have given birth, but certainly sacrificed everything to save. Up to and including dying, only to show up alive and well in Paris, skulking around and secretly meeting Daniel Jackson to swan through Parisian museums and coffeehouses. (At least in my little corner of the world....) Dylan was ping-ponged between Irish mercenaries, his murderous mother and father; the office of that FBI approved therapist grows distressingly more crowded.

(You might also include Spencer Reid being forced to endure the brutal slaying of his mentor and father figure Gideon. We didn't have to be hit over the head with the writers' decision to have Reid drive his vintage Volvo to the cabin to convince us young Dr. Reid was desperately trying to recreate the past. Discuss amongst yourselves....)

Why subject Kate's traumatized, orphaned niece (did I mention she was left parentless after 9/11?) to being the potential victim of a predator?

My theory is that the writers are trying to shoehorn Jennifer Love Hewitt's character into a place where she is struggling to fit? To make the team rally round her to save her niece when the inevitable kidnapping happens.

To JLove's credit, she is in an almost impossible position: she is being asked to fill a void that Criminal Minds has struggled to fill. Which begs the question, why do they keep trying? Maybe they should just quit and admit they don't really need another agent on the team.

But perhaps that's a rant for another day....
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Evidently, LJ Is off the tracks again this morning so here I am.

This might be a bit spoilery... )


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