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Summary: Yet another Daniel Jackson birthday
Jack/Daniel slash fic

“I hate the IOC.” Daniel declared as he slumped on their bed.
Jack peered over his reading glasses. “You do? There’s a news flash.”
“Four hours. Four hours, Jack, to discuss a minor alteration to the original treaty.”
Jack tucked a marker in his book, set it aside and leaned over, sliding his arm around Daniel’s chest, bringing him down across the bed so that Daniel’s head was nestled in Jack’s hip. “Hi,” he swooped down for a quick kiss.
“I wrote my resignation while I was there.” Jack’s eyebrows rose. “In thirty-seven different languages.”
Jack’s fingers tousled Daniel’s already disheveled hair. “Did you hand it in?”
“I wanted to, I really wanted to!”
“But you didn’t?”
“You know what I promised the President. But they could have picked a better day for this.” Daniel knew he was whining and frankly, didn’t care.
“Hey, the cake will still be good tomorrow.” Jack glanced at the clock. “Well, later today.”
“Yeah, but I’m used to a certain amount of personal attention on my birthday. The highlight of my day shouldn’t be getting propositioned by a foreign ambassador!” Even as Jack silently promised to discover the name of the ambassador, he couldn’t fault him (or her) for his taste. At fifty, Daniel might be even more attractive than he had been at twenty-five. His hair had the subtle sheen of a sprinkling of grey hair, the lines only brought attention to his expressive eyes, the suits he was now required to wear flattered the well-toned body.
“Well, tomorrow, I mean today, you can have the day off. Sleep in, pig out, do whatever you want to do.”
Daniel groaned. “I wish I could. I have a meeting with the disclosure committee at…” his brain stalled, “some time in the morning.”
Jack grinned wickedly as he rolled over until he had Daniel pinned beneath him. “I’ll get you out of it.”
Daniel smiled back at him. “Yeah?”
Jack shrugged. “I know a guy. So you wanna get naked or you gonna sleep in your clothes?”
Daniel’s eyes were already reacting to his prone position. “I’m going…” He faded off.
Jack sighed as he deftly undressed his sleeping partner, eased the covers out from under him before turning out the light. “Happy birthday, Dr. Jackson.”
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Because today is Magnavox's birthday and she demanded this after Ireland's historic fic. And because her wish is always my command......

An Irish Country Honeymoon

“Okay,” Daniel groused. “I am here, on time and have brought my passport. Who in the hell needs me so badly that I have to get up at oh-dark-thirty?”
Jack waited as Daniel fastened his seatbelt. “The who would be me.”
“You?” Daniel quirked an eyebrow as he felt the jet engines accelerate.
“I always need you. You know that.” Jack suddenly turned serious.
“I know that.” Daniel squeezed his hand back. “But where are we going?”
“You just got an urge to weekend in Ireland?”
“Not a weekend. Got us both a week.”
“A week?” Daniel realized his questions weren’t getting him the answers he required.
“Thought you might like a honeymoon. You know, after the ceremony.” With a big smile, Jack handed him a sheet of folded paper.
Daniel unfolded the paper, his mind frozen. “They did it?”
“They did indeed. And where else would a good Irish boy want to be married but on the Old Sod?” Jack’s Irish accent had not improved over the years. “Just waiting for, you know, you to say yes.”
Daniel’s eyes sparkled. “That was never in question. So, a week in Dublin?”
“Ceremony in Dublin. A week in our own secluded country cottage. Just the two of us and a field of cows. Or maybe sheep. So, what do you say?”
“I say that I love you very, very much and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you.” Daniel leaned over to meet Jack’s kiss. “And the rest of our lives start today.”
“Today.” Jack agreed.
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One Hundred

“Gotta delivery for ya, Dr. J.” The corporal wheeled the dolly into Daniel’s office.
“Ok, th…whoa, what is that?” He eyed the garishly decorated box.
“Don’t open ‘em,” he slid the box onto the desk. “Just deliver ‘em.”
“Thank you,” Daniel grabbed a knife and cut the packing tape and ripped into the box. “Huh.” The box, the entire box, was full of Snicker bars. And not the mini ones or even the regular size. No, it was the really big, satisfy-your-hunger size.
With a grin, he grabbed the phone and dialed. “Hey, you.”
“Happy anniversary, my baby.”
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Summary: I like to think Jack and Daniel are living the good life in DC.

Fandom: Stargate SG-1

Pairing: Jack/Daniel

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1078

Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, wish I did, you know who does, yadda, yadda, yadda



Champagne Kisses


Champagne Kisses )





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