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Ended up with 16 inches of snow. Pretty much what they predicted.

Didn't lose power or cable or internet so I can still entertain myself.

Currently 9F at 6:41AM so I ain't opening the door any time soon.

Supposed to be near 50F by end of the week and if this all melts quickly.....

I took a few pics (through the window) but I don't know how to post them here. They're on my Facebook but that's in my real life name so I won't link to that. If you're interested enough to look at some pics, WKYT is the tv station I usually watch and they have lots of pics and videos.
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The weather folks have decided to start naming all major storms and not just hurricanes. And so they've named this one Jonas. Yeah, that's what I said, Jonas. Two of what could be argued are the least favorite characters from stargate.

Anyway, if you check the snow forecast, I'm somewhere buried beneath the 8-14 inches prediction. The snow I can handle; I just hope we don't get the ice, the sleet, the freezing rain. That the power stays on, the water pipes don't freeze.

I'm just gonna grab the books, the flashlight, the blanket and hope for the best.
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You know it's gonna be bad when it's 6 AM and the weather guy is saying you've already hit the high temp for the day......


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