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I saw this and was fascinated by the concept so I checked it out.

I have 181 stories at AO3 for a total of 405,291 words and 92,253 hits. Stargate SG-1 (to no one's surprise) came in first, with 172 entries. There are 7 for Angel, 5 for NCIS, 2 for Criminal Minds. Star Wars, Downton Abbey, Saving Hope, Bones and Burn Notice have one entry apiece. Several are crossovers, that's why the numbers don't quite add up.

I hesitate to list them by hits because I feel like there is a discrepancy with the count.

1. I Like the Quiet - SG1. 19649 hits
2. To Catch a Falling Star - SG-1/NCIS. 3360 hits
3. To Save a Falling Star - SG-1/NCIS. 2811
4. Painted Soldiers - SG-1/NCIS. 2500 hits
5. Best Laid Plans - Sg-1/NCIS. 2350 hits

By Kudos:
1. Best Laid Plans. 100
2. To Save a Falling Star. 99
3. To Catch a Falling Star. 97
4. Come Live With Me and Be My Love - Sg-1. 70
5. Painted Soldiers. 65

By Bookmarks:
1. Best Laid Plans. 18
2. Generally Speaking - Sg-1. 11
3. Bones in the Sarcophagus - Bones/SG-1. 10
4. Painted Soldiers. 9
5. A Teaspoon of Truth -SG-1. 7
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So I've been doing some clearing out, both literally and figuratively.

After Orlando, I've been deleting folks from my facebook account - some to whom I am related. I don't need that kind of crap in my life and I'm just not putting up with it appearing in my life. My new mantra is: I still love you but at this moment, I don't like you very much.

Then I moved over to Live Journal and had a good go over there also. If I deleted you it was because I can't remember why I added you or I have you on Dreamwidth already.

Recycling got a couple of boxes of stuff yesterday, leaving me with several corners I can now actually see! I have a second bedroom that needs a good sorting but that's going to have to wait until I actually can coerce someone into helping as it is more, physically, than I'm able to do.

My old computer finally gave it up and I finally gave in and bought a new one. Hence my ongoing hate-hate relationship with windows 10. I still don't feel as comfy with it as XP but I am kind of learning my way around. I did take some advice and got open office and that works well with my writing.

I lost some stuff in the exchange. I had everything (or so I thought) on a jump drive but I lost a few things, mostly changes, so it isn't as bad as I feared. At first I couldn't find any of my documents and I seriously panicked.

Because not only do I have all my stargate fics (I swear I'm gonna finish something soon), I am working on writing a real-life something. I don't ever expect to get it published but it is a compilation of all those funny little family stories we tell on each other. I am trying to remember stories about my great-grandparents, grandparents, parents. My intention is to hand them out as Christmas presents.

One of my nephews has been begging for this for years and I thought I should just finally get it together, really edit it and hopefully it will make those folks come alive. Several of my nieces and nephews and all of the great-nieces and -nephews have no memories of my parents and I want to try to lodge something in those young minds.

If I could give folks a piece of advice, it is this: write these stories down when your parents, grandparents, whoever tells them. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

As for stargate, I have two stories that I am working on steadily. One is Jack and Daniel as rivals in the world of professional billiard players. I am a sucker for pool of any kind and will always stop if I see a match on TV. No sport loves nicknames like pool so we have Dr. J and the Colonel facing off on a televised celebrity fund raiser with a personal bet on the side.

The other is kind of a cabinfic. What happens when one of the world's wealthiest but loneliest guys is forced to team up with a charming FBI agent? Dr. Daniel Jackson is skittish but Special Agent Jack O'Neill desperately needs access to the good doctor's lakefront cabin for a covert surveillance operation.

The one thing that I cannot throw out is my unfinished stargate fics. I just move them over to a junked file, occasionally visit, sigh over them and move on.


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