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Good heavens, no one won the powerball last night! Wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $1.3 billion.....yes that is billion with a b....
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Thank goodness the American media has something to talk about besides He Whose Name I Am Tired of Hearing. Powerball fever sweeps the nation! Every TV channel is doing live stand-ups of folks buying lottery tickets.

The jackpot is unimaginable. I mean, I literally cannot wrap my head around that kind of money. If one person wins and takes the cash pay-out, they will win nearly $500,000,000. Yes, that is five hundred million dollars!

And, of course, the next question is: what would you do with that kind of money. (Yes, I have a ticket. How could you not?) Buy a house, buy ten houses? An island? A car for every day of the week?

I would take care of my family first. None of my siblings would have to worry about mortgages or car payments or how they are going to send their kids to college.

I would build myself a nice house. Not Highclere Castle but something that has enough room to have company and has plenty of outdoor space and a good view. And, unfortunately, it would also have to include gates and fences because the nuts would be swarming the place.

Get a nice set of wheels. I don't need an Italian sports car but a nice spacious SUV might be nice.

I would build three things for my community. A new library and a new community center that includes things like a fitness center and a movie theater, or something for the young folks to do. And some type of venue for live music, plays, etc. There is such a wealth of musical talent in my area; I'd like to foster that somehow.

I would set up a foundation through which to funnel all the donation requests you know you're going to get. I'd like to focus on scholarships, mental health issues, food insecurity, employment opportunities.

I'd take myself off to do some things strictly for myself. Travel to Hawaii and Ireland, two of my dream trips. Visit some of my online friends; Australia and England, here I come! Maybe take in some Stargate cons, see some folks live and in person. Attend some University of Kentucky basketball games. Even some of those away from home, like Italy or the Bahamas......

If you hear a big thunk around 11PM local time, it'll be me falling out of the recliner.......


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