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Every time I see the promo for this show, all I can think is "that's almost the exact scene from 2010 where the Aschen are lauding 3/4 of sg1....."
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I went searching for some older fics and I'm just dismayed at how many older works are unavailable. I started at Fig's master list for stargateficrec and there are a lot I can't find.

So many older favorites, sighs sadly....

I can only hope folks migrate here to Dreamwidth or to AO3.

PS. Thanks to my wonderful d fandom, I've found all three stories. Hugs and cookies for everyone!
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"Why, yes, AO3 author, I would love to read stories with no summary, no description, and no character list," said I never.
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I saw this and was fascinated by the concept so I checked it out.

I have 181 stories at AO3 for a total of 405,291 words and 92,253 hits. Stargate SG-1 (to no one's surprise) came in first, with 172 entries. There are 7 for Angel, 5 for NCIS, 2 for Criminal Minds. Star Wars, Downton Abbey, Saving Hope, Bones and Burn Notice have one entry apiece. Several are crossovers, that's why the numbers don't quite add up.

I hesitate to list them by hits because I feel like there is a discrepancy with the count.

1. I Like the Quiet - SG1. 19649 hits
2. To Catch a Falling Star - SG-1/NCIS. 3360 hits
3. To Save a Falling Star - SG-1/NCIS. 2811
4. Painted Soldiers - SG-1/NCIS. 2500 hits
5. Best Laid Plans - Sg-1/NCIS. 2350 hits

By Kudos:
1. Best Laid Plans. 100
2. To Save a Falling Star. 99
3. To Catch a Falling Star. 97
4. Come Live With Me and Be My Love - Sg-1. 70
5. Painted Soldiers. 65

By Bookmarks:
1. Best Laid Plans. 18
2. Generally Speaking - Sg-1. 11
3. Bones in the Sarcophagus - Bones/SG-1. 10
4. Painted Soldiers. 9
5. A Teaspoon of Truth -SG-1. 7
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My family got the very best gift - my great-niece finally made it home from the hospital! She was born prematurely, at a very good weight but seemed puzzled by that whole feeding thing. She was in the NICU for 13 days but she is home and hopefully we'll get to see her in person as only mommy and daddy were allowed in the unit.
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I'd like to give a rather large piece of my mind to some folks on facebook but I cannot....because we are blood. So in the interest of family harmony I may have to avoid facebook for a while...couple of days.....maybe I'll just read some porn or something.....
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Oh, learned British friends, answer a question for me. I have been watching the British Baking Show masterclass whereas Mary and Paul do some baking demonstration. They often ask for strong white flour. How does this differ from regular flour? Is it plain or self-rising?
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She showed the universe that being both a princess and a general was cool. RIP, Carrie, you truly belong among the clouds.
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I don't know whether you're anticipating a white Christmas in your little corner of the world; where I live, it's going to be 65 and rainy. Christmas is pretty quiet for me. Being single does make you a little out of kilter in this family-oriented time of year. But one of my sisters lives very close (she can be from her door to mine in about 2 minutes) and she will come for Christmas dinner.

We made an overly large turkey for Thanksgiving and since we both have some in the freezer, we decided to go a little less traditional for dinner. We will bake a ham and have scalloped potatoes, steamed broccoli, rolls, and a strawberry pretzel salad for desert.

Whether you celebrate all of them, some of them, or none of them, have a joyous holiday season
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Just ran across Shanks's CSI: Miami episode. Why did I not know that the actress who played the rape victim also plays Dawn on Saving Hope?
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J is for Jack's in Trouble Again

Author: sg_wonderland
Summary: exactly what the title implies
Word Count: 204

Matthew sighed heavily when he saw his wife pacing their front porch. He grabbed his lunch box and slowly got out of the truck, putting off the moment of reckoning.

“So, what's he done this time?” Matthew stepped in front of Margaret, forcing her to stop.

“I got called to school....again. Jack and some of his buddies decided to liberate the frogs from the lab that were supposed to be dissected.”

“The frogs were...?”

“Already dead and in formaldehyde. And then they decided to...set the frogs free.”

Matthew felt his lip twitch. “And so they....?”

“Went out to the main entrance, put cigarettes in the frogs mouths, lit the cigarettes and placed them all over the sidewalk.” Matthew snorted. “Don't you laugh! Don't you dare laugh!”

“Not laughing,” Matthew couldn't help the laugh.

“Get it over with now because you cannot go in there laughing.” She turned her face so that he couldn't see her expression.

Matthew pulled her close. “Five minutes. Then we go inside.”

It took them seven minutes to get all the laughing out of their systems.
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N is No One Gets Left Behind by sg_wonderland

Summary: what makes Jack the man he is
Characters: Jack O'Neill, original character
word count: 953
Era: Pre series

Gus was busy stacking firewood when he heard his neighbor shouting his name. “Gus? You got any rope? We got a kid in the pond.”

Gus dropped his ax and ran to his shed where his grandson was puttering with an old lawn mower. “Jack, grab me that rope. Hurry.” Jack snatched it and followed him, running to keep up.

“What's going on?”

“Don says there's a kid fell through the ice.”

Jack felt a shudder run through him. If there was one thing his granddad had pounded into his head was that he was not to go out on the ice without someone with him and certainly not this late in the season.

They broke through the trees to find a dozen or so folks standing on the shore, gesturing across the ice. There was a hole, about twenty feet from shore and a dark head bobbing in the water.

“Crow,” Gus grabbed a tall, thin man. “What can we do?”

“We've called the fire department but I...I don't think we can wait. I tried going out there but the ice won't support my weight.”

“Damn,” Gus looked around. “And you're the lightest one out here.”

“I'll go,” a young voice piped up.

Stunned, Gus whirled around. “Jack!”

“I'm the littlest one here, I don't weigh much.” He thumbed his chest.

“Jack, I am not letting you go out there. No damn way.”

“Gus, we could tie him off, let him crawl out there.”

Gus yelled, “Have you lost your mind? I'm not sending a child out there.”

Jack had grabbed the rope and starting knotting it. “Tie it around my waist.”

“Here,” Crow took the rope.

Gus grabbed Jack by the elbows. “Jack, slow down, think about this.” He stared into intense, suddenly adult brown eyes.

“Granddad, that kid's drowning, we can't just do nothing.”

Gus sighed, then took the rope. “Okay tie it around his waist and loop it though his belt loops. Jack, you holler when you've got hold of him and we'll pull you both in.” He took a deep breath. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“We can't just leave him out there to die.”


Jack inched his way across the ice, holding his breath as if that would make him weigh less. “Hey, hold on, I'm coming,” he shouted.

“Hurry, I can't hold on!” The voice was weak, frightened.

“Okay, grab hold.”

“I can't let go of Freddie!” The boy cried.

“Freddie?” Jack was shocked.

“My dog. If I let go, he's going under.”

“Man, I can't pull both of you out. Reach out, now!”

“No,” the boy was now sobbing.

“For crying...” Jack swore. “Can you pull him out of the water?” He hoped it was a small dog; if it was a big one, they were all three goners.

“I'll try.”

Jack saw a couple of paws scrabbling for purchase on the ice. He jolted forward, reaching as far as he could and finally got a grip on a sodden hairy leg. He yanked as hard as he could and the dog popped out of the water with a squeal. Without looking, Jack slung the dog behind him. “Come on, give me your hand.”


“I got your damned dog now give me your hands!” Jack got hold of mittens, then worked his way up until he had a good grip of the collar of the boy's coat. “Pull!” He shouted as loud as he could, feeling the boy's weight as he slid up on the ice, which was still slivering ominously. Slowly, they slid away from the hole and onto firmer ice. Jack could hear the continuous cries of “Pull!” behind him.

“Where's Freddie?”

Wildly, Jack looked around. Freddie was frantically skittering on the ice, his paws slipping and sliding, skidding back toward the center of the pond. Smothering an oath and breathing heavily, he took a better grip with his left hand and released his right hand momentarily, long enough to grasp whatever part of the dog he could get to. “Here,” Jack shoved the dog toward the boy, trapping him between the two of them. “Hang the hell on to him.”

It seemed like hours until Jack finally felt hands on his ankles, then his legs, firmly pulling them off the ice.

“Jack,” he looked up from his seat on the floor in front of the roaring fireplace. The rescued boy and his dog had been whisked away by the fire department and Gus had rushed Jack home for a hot shower, a change of clothes and a mug of chocolate. Gus fumbled, “That was an awful brave thing you did today, buddy.”

Jack ducked his head and blushed. “It was nothing. I knew you guys weren't going to let me fall in or anything.”

“It was still brave. I'm very proud of you.”

Jack hoped his flushed face was because of the fire but he suspected it was the warm feeling of praise from his normally taciturn grandfather. “Well, you and Dad always said that we should help people if we can. And you wouldn't have left him behind either, would you?”

Gus sighed at those earnest brown eyes. “No, I wouldn't. Still,” he looked down at his big strong hands that continued to tremble just a bit. “I...I just think we shouldn't mention this to your mother. At least for a while.”

Jack grinned. “She might be pretty mad, huh?”

Gus grinned back. “No 'might' to it, bud.”
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My sister pointed this Netflix show out to me and I have to say, it's hilarious. From conversation on public transport (evidently a big no-no), having guests in your home (also frowned upon), and folks who take over your sitting room, refrigerator or telly. If I ever happen to meet any of my online friends IRL, I feel obligated to warn you that we Americans are gregarious, are often huggers (oh, the horrors!), and will strike up conversations with people in line at the grocery store.

Happy thanksgiving! Have a hug and a turkey sandwich!
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-And that was the main reason I kept Prime- the fact that I could watch Stargate any time I wanted without pawing through the discs. Now Prime has dropped Stargate and I may have to drop Prime.

-I may have reached terminal velocity on the election results and the ensuing doom and gloom. I just cannot watch any one else tell me that my country is headed for hell in a handbasket.

-Forest fires are all over the place in my little corner of the world. There was a 10 car pile-up on Tuesday (resulting in one fatality and several serious injuries) due to the smoke. And it's supposed to be 80 degrees and windy today.

-Raise your hand if you were shocked to find out that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford got their force on during the filming of the original Star Wars. I mean, come on, who wouldn't shag Harrison if given the opportunity?

-I can't bring myself to listen on Christmas music while my Thanksgiving turkey is gently thawing in the fridge.......
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I have posted my 21-part Little Daniel series to AO3. This was originally posted several years ago to Cleo's Little Verse.
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So I usually try to buy myself something totally frivolous for my birthday and the shopping network nearly talked me into getting an Amazon Fire Stick. I got online and cruised around but couldn't find answers to two burning questions. So I'm hoping my peeps can help.

One, I cannot get the new digital channels on my TV. My cable company tells me that it is because my TV (four year old flat screen) does not recognize their upgrade to digital and that I would need to purchase either a newer TV or a converter box that will convert the signal. Wise to their ways and absolute lack of customer service, I called the local Radio Shack which sells TVs and asked them. Their tech told me that, yes, they had the boxes but he couldn't guarantee that it would work because their display TVs (all new and digital) are hooked to the same cable service and they cannot get the digital channels either. This would not bother me much except that I can no longer get PBS/BBC America which means no Sherlock or the new Victoria miniseries.

so, if I get the Fire Stick, will it get the digital channels?

Two, would I be able watch stuff from Amazon Prime on my TV instead of my Kindle? The problem with the Kindle is that watching Prime videos eats the battery up. As it is, I am charging my Kindle Fire every single night because I always run out of battery power since it is my main reading device.

The stick is less than 40 bucks so if it doesn't work, I'm not out alot of money. But I don't want to buy it if it doesn't solve at least one of my problems.

Help me, Obi Wan, you're my only hope!
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A big one. A huge one, to steal a phrase from he-who-must-not-be-President.

He lied. Repeatedly. To the media, to the cops and (gasp) to his own mother! Here's the thing: maybe those guys didn't vandalize that bathroom, maybe they did run afoul of an unscrupulous gas station owner who was trying to shake them down for cash. Maybe it happened just that way. Then that's the story they should have told. Gone back to the Olympic Village and said, 'man, this guy just shook us down for fifty bucks!' But Lochte lied to his mother, who told somebody, who told somebody and rather than admitting he lied, he lied. Yeah, that made a lot of sense.

I firmly believe he scampered out of Rio, leaving his younger teammates holding the bag. After enduring the humiliation of being removed from the plane home, two young men (who the police have said did not lie) were dragged through the media version of a perp-walk. They finally arrived back in the US last night, at best a couple of careless lads, at worst lying examples of the perceived American arrogance.

And as for the IOC official who chuckled over the 'boys' behaving badly. First, Lochte is 32 years old, a mite old for this frat-boy image he tries to project. It's shrug-worthy when you actually are a frat boy, when you're not it's pathetic. And second, why does Gabby Douglas have to put up with online bullying for her 'attitude' while these lads get to frolic away unscathed.

Lochte stands to lose millions in potential endorsements. Realistically, what company (except maybe a brewery) is going to want to put his face on a cereal box, behind the wheel of their car, spooning up their yogurt or timing himself with their watch?

And here, for me, is the difference in Lochte and Michael Phelps. When Phelps got caught DUI, he didn't lie, he didn't try to justify. He admitted he screwed up, paid the fine, did the time.
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So, NCIS-New Orleans is booting one of it's few female characters. Brody, who is an original cast member, will not be returning for the next season. The justification was that she was compromised by sleeping with the Homeland Security guy who turned out to be a traitor (Honestly, did anyone not see that one coming?). I call a foul on that. If that were the case, Ziva should have been fired from NCIS; not only did she sleep with a guy who killed an ICE agent, she hid him in her apartment, knowing multiple federal agencies were hunting for him.

I fear it's just another case of let's cull some of these extra chicks from the show. Criminal Minds tried this one several years ago, with disastrous effects. They fired Paget Brewster and AJ Cook (replacing Cook with an actress who could easily have passed for Cook's younger sister was a despicable slap in the face.) The fan indignation caused them to re-hire Cook and, when they couldn't lure Brewster hack, exercised a clause in her contract and claimed she owed them another year. She came back, hated it and left as soon as she could clear the door. (she has since made several guest appearances and will make several more this upcoming season.)

This genre is seriously devoid of female agents. We need MORE women on these shows, dammit, not less! In a year when America has finally caught up with most of the rest of the world (Britain is working on its second female PM), should we really be getting rid of women who kick ass?


I always get mighty suspicious when a network floods my airwaves with promos for upcoming series. Therefore, I have serious doubts about both Michael Weatherly's Dr. Bull and the MacGyver reboot. CBS has promos running constantly all hours of the day and night- daytime, primetime, local programming- you name it, there's a promo there. I don't know if they are trying to convince me or themselves.
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So I've been doing some clearing out, both literally and figuratively.

After Orlando, I've been deleting folks from my facebook account - some to whom I am related. I don't need that kind of crap in my life and I'm just not putting up with it appearing in my life. My new mantra is: I still love you but at this moment, I don't like you very much.

Then I moved over to Live Journal and had a good go over there also. If I deleted you it was because I can't remember why I added you or I have you on Dreamwidth already.

Recycling got a couple of boxes of stuff yesterday, leaving me with several corners I can now actually see! I have a second bedroom that needs a good sorting but that's going to have to wait until I actually can coerce someone into helping as it is more, physically, than I'm able to do.

My old computer finally gave it up and I finally gave in and bought a new one. Hence my ongoing hate-hate relationship with windows 10. I still don't feel as comfy with it as XP but I am kind of learning my way around. I did take some advice and got open office and that works well with my writing.

I lost some stuff in the exchange. I had everything (or so I thought) on a jump drive but I lost a few things, mostly changes, so it isn't as bad as I feared. At first I couldn't find any of my documents and I seriously panicked.

Because not only do I have all my stargate fics (I swear I'm gonna finish something soon), I am working on writing a real-life something. I don't ever expect to get it published but it is a compilation of all those funny little family stories we tell on each other. I am trying to remember stories about my great-grandparents, grandparents, parents. My intention is to hand them out as Christmas presents.

One of my nephews has been begging for this for years and I thought I should just finally get it together, really edit it and hopefully it will make those folks come alive. Several of my nieces and nephews and all of the great-nieces and -nephews have no memories of my parents and I want to try to lodge something in those young minds.

If I could give folks a piece of advice, it is this: write these stories down when your parents, grandparents, whoever tells them. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

As for stargate, I have two stories that I am working on steadily. One is Jack and Daniel as rivals in the world of professional billiard players. I am a sucker for pool of any kind and will always stop if I see a match on TV. No sport loves nicknames like pool so we have Dr. J and the Colonel facing off on a televised celebrity fund raiser with a personal bet on the side.

The other is kind of a cabinfic. What happens when one of the world's wealthiest but loneliest guys is forced to team up with a charming FBI agent? Dr. Daniel Jackson is skittish but Special Agent Jack O'Neill desperately needs access to the good doctor's lakefront cabin for a covert surveillance operation.

The one thing that I cannot throw out is my unfinished stargate fics. I just move them over to a junked file, occasionally visit, sigh over them and move on.


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